Graphic Novel Rec #2: Pea, Bee & Jay: Stuck Together

Creator: Brian “Smitty” Smith

Publisher: Harper Alley

Pea, Bee & Jay had me smiling by the second page and laughing by the third page. Brian Smith, who both writes and draws this charming graphic novel for younger readers, takes the reader on an adventure that is humorous, but also shows the importance of working together to solve a problem. 

Pea is dared to leave the farm and touch the big red tree. On his journey he meets Bee, an actual bee, and Jay, a blue jay. They become a band of unlikely friends who work together to tackle the challenges they face on their journey. 

Smith’s panel layouts are easy to follow and will be supportive of younger readers. His cartooning brings personality to everything from acorns to raspberries. (The raspberries are a personal favorite!)
By the end of the book, Smith has succeeded in developing the world of Pea, Bee and Jay. I look forward to revisiting this world as the series continues in Wannabees and Lift Off.

Teaching Connections:

  • Genre: This is what I call a “Friendship Story.” It’s a story about making friends or going on an adventure with friends that largely follows realistic fiction tropes, but the fact that the main characters are a bee, a blue jay, and a pea make it difficult to call it realistic fiction. 
  • Units of Study: Fiction, Adventure, Series, Friendship
  • Grades: Second Grade, Third Grade

Published by Eric Hand

I'm an educator and literacy professional with a long-standing passion for comic books and graphic novels.

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