Graphic Novel Creator Conversations: Andrea Bell

A fun and insightful chat with illustrator and comic book artist Andrea Bell about her work and her process. To learn more about Andrea, check out her website,

Viewing Guide

The viewing guide below includes timestamps that will help you navigate the video. I’ve included my interview questions and links to texts Andrea refers to.

  • 1:24 How do you describe yourself professionally?
  • 2:16 How do you approach your independent & collaborative work in different ways?
  • 5:01 What does a graphic novel script look like?
  • 7:01 Andrea and I begin discussing thumbnails.
  • 9:44 What do you consider when you’re designing a well laid-out page?
  • 11:01 How does the size of a panel affect your visual storytelling?
  • 12:29 Andrea and I begin discussing lettering and balloon placement.
  • 14:41 Do you have advice for aspiring illustrators/comic book artists?
  • 15:32 Do you have any graphic novels that you recommend to others?
  • 16:00 Andrea mentions Spinning by Tillie Walden
  • 16:22 Andrea mentions This One Summer by Jillian & Mariko Tamaki
  • 17:04 Andrea and I discuss her new graphic novel, The Leak
  • 18:50 Andrea discusses her new project, Maker Comics: Conduct a Science Experiment!

Published by Eric Hand

I'm an educator and literacy professional with a long-standing passion for comic books and graphic novels.

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