Graphic Novel Teaching: Reading with Fluency

A few weeks ago I put out a call, as you can see below, for questions about graphic novels readers. Tonya Girouard posted the following question: I created this quick chart to capture my thoughts on fluency in the graphic novel format. Balloon Shape– It’s important to pay attention to the shape of the speechContinue reading “Graphic Novel Teaching: Reading with Fluency”

Writing Workshop Teaching: More Purpose, More Authenticity

This week my kiddos will complete their second nonfiction chapter book. One of my major focuses for this second cycle through the writing process was to embed more authenticity and purpose into the writing process. To center purpose and authenticity, I decided to: Focus on the Writing Process — Several times through each of myContinue reading “Writing Workshop Teaching: More Purpose, More Authenticity”

Writing Workshop Teaching: “Catch-up” Day

Last week, instead of teaching what I planned, I had a “catch-up” day in writing workshop. You might also call this a repertoire day. Here’s how it went: “Writers, I’ve decided that instead of teaching you something new today, I simply want to remind you of everything we’ve already learned.” There were some puzzled andContinue reading “Writing Workshop Teaching: “Catch-up” Day”

Graphic Novel Teaching: Previewing with the Lens of Genre

Previewing is a habit that helps readers set themselves up to read. Previewing allows us to come to the text with predictions of how we think the story might go or what we might learn. As we read on, we confirm or revise our predictions. Graphic novels are frequently grouped all together even though thereContinue reading “Graphic Novel Teaching: Previewing with the Lens of Genre”

Graphic Novel Teaching: Harmonizing Visual Storytelling & Art

While visiting one of my partner schools, I worked with teachers on helping writers to be more purposeful with the text they include in their graphic novels. The ideas I share in the video could be helpful for writers to think about in the planning stages (thumbnails & script) or this could be purposeful revisionContinue reading “Graphic Novel Teaching: Harmonizing Visual Storytelling & Art”