Graphic Novel Rec #6: Fox & Rabbit

Creators: Beth Ferry & Gergely Dudás

Publisher: Amulet Books

Fox is always there for Rabbit when he’s frightened.

The more I read Fox & Rabbit, the more I fell in love with it. Fox and Rabbit are best friends who face their fears together.

Fox & Rabbit reminds me of the Poppleton series, a collection of stories that build on one another about friends having humorous adventures together. Ferry writes the 5 stories included in Fox & Rabbit so they could stand alone, but if you remember what happened in the earlier stories you’ll get added complexity. This structure would be incredibly supportive of a reader transitioning to chapter books, as accumulating text and story become more of a challenge.

Each story is titled with a collection of 3 alliterative words that preview the plot of the story i.e. Story 4 Gardening, Growing, and Groaning. (My favorite!)

I laugh at the end of every story when Turtle shows up to ask “What’d I miss?”

Dudás is a master as manipulating the size of the panels to control pacing. Some pages contain 9 panels while other pages contain only one panel, allowing the story to breathe.

I definitely want to read on in this series in hopes that I’ll get more of Sparrow, one of the minor characters, who fights with seagulls and overindulges in lemonade and the rest of the animal friends in Ferry and Dudás’ magical and inviting world. The next two books in the Fox & Rabbit series are titled Make Believe and Celebrate.

Teaching Considerations:

  • Genre: This is another example of a “Friendship Story.” Its a story about friends going on adventures that largely follows realistic fiction tropes, bu the fact that a talking fox and rabbit are the main characters add in a bit of fantasy.
  • Units of Study: Fiction, Adventure, Friendship, Fear
  • Grades: Second Grade, Third Grade

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I'm an educator and literacy professional with a long-standing passion for comic books and graphic novels.

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