Graphic Novel Teaching: Harmonizing Visual Storytelling & Art

While visiting one of my partner schools, I worked with teachers on helping writers to be more purposeful with the text they include in their graphic novels.

The ideas I share in the video could be helpful for writers to think about in the planning stages (thumbnails & script) or this could be purposeful revision work.

Writers SHOULD NOT be adding text boxes, speech balloons, or thought bubbles just to have more writing in their graphic novel. More words doesn’t make a graphic novel stronger. Not every panel needs words. In fact, there are even some wordless graphic novels.

If you’re teaching a unit on writing graphic novels, let me know how it’s going by either emailing me,, or on twitter, @writtenbyhand.

Published by Eric Hand

I'm an educator and literacy professional with a long-standing passion for comic books and graphic novels.

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